• Easy, Reliable, Secure, Central PC Power Management incl. Wake On LAN. Works across IP-Segments, VLANs and even the Internet
  • EnviProt helps you to reduce the waste of energy by up to 80%
  • Reliable Wake On LAN - move admin tasks to off-hours
  • ROI within few months helps to reallocate funds
  • Improve IT energy efficiency by up to 80%
  • Start PCs automatically before classes and shut them down when no more needed
  • Just tell us what you need...

Auto Shutdown Manager™ - Saves Energy, Time and Money

Auto Shutdown Manager™ is a proven, centrally managed and network enabled PC Power Management solution for Enterprises, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, NPOs and Private Users which helps to save money, automate IT processes such as patch management and to increase security. Auto Shutdown Manager allows an intelligent startup of needed- and shutdown of unused- computers. However, unlike other solutions, at no time will it interrupt working users or productive systems.

The user-centric design takes user's actions into account. For example, the screen will not blank during presentations and open documents will be saved before shutdown.


Take full control of the shutdown, wake-up and sleep modes of your PCs and Servers - on demand, on schedule on system load,  from remote locations, for patch management or by policies.
Automatic and remote: start up, shut down, restart, log off, standby or hibernate all PCs and Servers - WOL over different IP segments, VLANs and even over the Internet.


Latest features: Plugin for SCCM®, Java based WOL Proxies, WOL for virtual machines, Wake ON WAN Clients for Linux, MAC and Android.

Auto Shutdown Manager is a proven technology used by customers all over the world.
EnviProt sells to Companies, Schools & Universities and Government Agencies worldwide

Intelligent Enterprise Energy Management not only saves energy, environment and budgets - but it also increases IT security !

Need special features? We develop customized functionallity - just tell us what you need.


Get your copy now: we offer a free 45 days trial version incl. free consulting and support.


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