Central PC Shutdown and Wake On Lan

Remote shutdown and remote wake-up are obviously very useful functions that can make the administrators' and the end users' lives easier. It is not only important in prevention of hazards such as virus attacks where some PCs or entire PC groups can be powered down immediately from one central place.  But also regular service and maintenance tasks such as patch management, data backups; overnight scans etc. can be made much more efficient by powering required machines up and down on schedule or instantly on demand.

Auto Shutdown Manager offers both functionalities – remote shutdown as well as remote wake-up of single PCs or entire groups of PCs from its central Management Console or from the System Center® Configuration Manager Console (via the SCCM Plugin). All tasks can be done on schedule or on demand.


Auto Shutdown Manager WoL Concepts via SCCM, WOL JOB File, On Demand, On Schedule, From Home Office via ASDM WOL Proxies

Shutdown – terminology: In Auto Shutdown Manager the expression “shutdown” is a synonym for all shutdown modes:

  • Power Off
  • Standby
  • Hibernate
  • Restart
  • Log Off Users

Auto Shutdown Manager supports remote commands such as shutdown and wake-up in two different ways.

 Manage Single PCs

The required functions to remotely power on or shutdown remote PCs can be found within the Client Manager inside the Management Console.

WOL and remote shutdown centrally managed

Remote Shutdown

Right-click on the remote computer that you plan to shut down and choose the appropriate shutdown mode.
The “Auto Mode” can be used to let the client decide for its best mode- based on its settings for that weekday and time. So you might want to use standby during daytime on some PCs and shutdown or hibernation on others. In addition to remote shutdown, a scheduled shutdown and idle shutdown can be setup.

Remote Wake-Up via WOL and Internet

To wake-up a remote PC just select and right click on it and choose the "Wake-Up" menu item. Typically, the wake-up process uses Wake on LAN (WOL) to process the wake-up.
However, Auto Shutdown Manager also offers a functionality to wake-up remote PCs over the Internet – such as home office computers for example. Therefore a remote WOL Address and Port can be specified. Please note:
Auto Shutdown Manager client PCs can automatically start their servers on demand- via WOL and also over the Internet. This is for scenarios where servers don't need to run 24/7 - but only while clients are in use. In this case, clients will wake-up the servers and keep them running until the last client gets shut down again.

Remote workers can wake-up their office PCs while on road or from home office

This scenario is used to enable remote workers to wake-up their desktop PCs – or other defined computers in the company - while they are on road or working on a remote site.

Remote workers can wake-up their office PCs from home

Auto Shutdown Manager WOW Client supports a technology called Wake on Internet (Wake on Wan). With this functionality remote computers can be powered up on demand over large networks or even the Internet. In the same way remote computers can also be powered down (remote shutdown).

The WOW Client is included into the Auto Shutdown Manager package. Additional licenses are not required.

Very easy and free Wake On Wan Client for Auto Shutdown Manager managed PCs

 See the manual for more details.

 Manage Groups of PCs

If groups of PCs or even all PCs have to be started or shutdown remotely, the Maintenance Manager inside the Management Console offers the required functionality to accomplish this task.

Remote Shutdown and Wake-Up on demand in Real-Time

 Wake up remote shut down pcs on demand

It couldn't be easier: just select the PC Groups that you want to shut down or wake-up and click on the corresponding button.

Scheduled Wake-Up via Wake On LAN Scheduler

 Wake up remote shut down pcs per scheduler

Wake On LAN Scheduler - just mark the PC Groups that you want to wake-up, choose the timing and click ADD - that's it.

Please note: For unconnected computers scheduled Shutdown and local Wake-Up w/o WOL are available via Time Rules. See the manual for more information on that.

Tip: Using the command line parameters you can easily create shortcuts on the desktop for frequently used actions such as Wakeup of some PCs or put a group of PCs into standby for example.

Desktop Shortcust for common commands


InfoWOL … Did you know?

With Wake On Lan (WOL) you can power on machines even from the Power Off state (S5).
This functionality depends on your network adapter (NIC) and the Bios settings. For information how to enable Wake On LAN functions in BIOS (WOL) of DELL or HP PCs please visit our Support Forum.

In addition to local Magic Packet broadcasts Auto Shutdown Manager also supports Directed Broadcasts and WOL Proxies which allow using Wake On Lan across different IP segments, VLANs and the Internet.

For Computers that immediately wake-up after going into sleep - check the WOL settings for the network adapter. Select Magic Packets as the WOL standard mode. See the manual for more details.

"The remote power management functionalities - together with its unique Intelligent Idle Analysis and Intelligent Timer based shutdown position Auto Shutdown Manager  as one of the market leading Green-IT PC Power Management software solutions worldwide"