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Benefits of using PC Power Management

Nowadays, with energy prices rising continuously, both consumers and enterprises are looking for ways to effectively save energy - but without changing the familiar working style. First and foremost, benefits result from energy - and therefore cost savings. According to several researches, during nights or weekends an average of 20 % of all computers are not shut down at all. Lunch breaks or long absences from the desk not even mentioning.

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Why Auto Shutdown Manager

Auto Shutdown Manager is a leading and unique PC Power Management solution on the market.

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Examples and Scenarios

See few examples how easy and flexible Auto Shutdown Manager can be used

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Operation Modes

Auto Shutdown Manager operates even if no users are logged on in a so called full background - or service mode. All operations are supported in this mode including power up, power down, restart, standby, updates & patches, deployment and receiving of new settings and the execution of Time Rules.

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Automatic Shutdown PC When Idle

What does "idle" mean and why is it so important to know?

In the sense of power management, idle means that a computer is powered on but isn't running any productive or useful code. Idle PCs consume energy and produce heat but do nothing useful or productive. PCs left on after work are a good example.

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Central Management

The Management Console allows configuration, updates, management and deployment of power management settings and policies from one central place. All clients are managed by groups.
The Management Console also supports daily administration tasks such as remote wakeup, shutdown, logoff users and restart single PCs or selected PC groups.

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Central PC Shutdown and Wake On Lan

Remote shutdown and remote wake-up are obviously very useful functions that can make the administrators' and the end users' lives easier. It is not only important in prevention of hazards such as virus attacks where some PCs or entire PC groups can be powered down immediately from one central place.  But also regular service and maintenance tasks such as patch management, data backups; overnight scans etc. can be made much more efficient by powering required machines up and down on schedule or instantly on demand.

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See some Auto Shutdown Manager screenshots of the client and server components

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Our Customers

Auto Shutdown Manager is being used in many large, medium and small sized enterprises, universities, colleges and schools (EDU) as well as in government agencies (GOV) and non profit organisations (NPO) all over the world. See some examples here.

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See some awards and further sources for Auto Shutdown Manager

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Feature List

Please find here some features listed by license type that make Auto Shutdown Manager a top and complete network-enabled PC Power Management solution for laptops, desktops and servers.

Auto Shutdown Manager can be used on clients incl. Windows® 10, 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and on Servers incl. Windows Server 2016, 2012R2,  2008R2, 2003 (also Server CORE installations) and WHS - in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

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Features Overview Map

See the key features as a mindmap overview

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Network Uptime Analyzer

Network Uptime Analyzer was designed to help you find out whether and how many PCs, Servers and other IP enabled devices are left on overnight or at weekends. It is free - very easy - no installation - no agents. Get enterprise wide reports about energy costs, energy consumption and the related CO2 production.

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