Green IT for Enterprises

office pcs webEnterprise energy cost reduction without impact on business.

Computers are one of the fastest growing electrical loads in the business world. Each year more and more computers are purchased and put to use. But it’s not just the number of computers which is driving energy consumption upward. The way that we use computers also adds to the increasing energy burden.

Research reveals that most personal desktop computers are not being used the majority of the time they are running and many personal computers worldwide are needlessly left on continuously.

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Green IT for GOVs, EDUs & NPOs

school pcs webGovernment agencies, Universities, Schools and Non-Profit Organisations now can take control of their IT energy use, reduce costs and make a difference by demonstrating citizenship, stewardship of finite resources and reducing their environmental impact. Auto Shutdown Manager will help to take these important steps. See our special offers.
Auto Shutdown Manager is already deployed to many schools and universities all over the world such as UC Berkeley USA, Herricks College NY USA, University of applied science Osnabrück Germany, University Erlangen-Nürnberg Germany, BWZ Switzerland, HSR Switzerland, Garibaldi College UK, St. Joseph College Australia - and many others.

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Green IT for Private Users

sleeping girl pcManage the wake-up, shutdown und sleep modes of your Home Server and Clients.

Many computes are idle - often the night - to process certain, long operations that would occupy the machine during the day. The major disadvantage - even after finalizing all operations, the computer needs energy during being idle until the user returns the next morning. This today’s typical behavior does not only waste a huge amount of energy but also shortens the machine’s life cycle. Compared to older computer generations today’s machines are designed to be switched on and off several times per day.

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